Re-thinking Social Media

"There's a difference between (a) offending people for its own sake and (b) challenging their prejudices, their preconceptions, or their comfortable assumptions.
We need to be on our guard when people say they're offended. No one should be able to shut down discussion by making their feelings more important than the search for truth."

Lemozer will be a pre installed feature on our Avoozer smart phone. It will also be available for users of Android and IOS phones.

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Freedom To Discuss

“The world isn’t divided between left and right, it’s divided between the people who can have a meaningful nuanced conversation about sensitive issues and the people who cannot.”

Lemozer – launching soon!

Moderated & Unmoderated

We think the user should be able to decide what they want to read, share and discuss. an open discussion you not be moderated based on political, religious or other views.

Take part in public or private discussions in a way you have not experienced before.